voices of collectors

"For me as an entrepreneur, art is the perfect way to invest. It is imperishable and timeless. Once I have found a work of art that fascinates me and makes me think, the decision has been made. That's why art is for me the liveliest and happiest way to invest. It is like a love that never fades".

Henrik, manager, (Denmark)


"I am glad that the original was also offered as a high quality Alu Dibond, because as a newcomer to the profession I attach importance to art, but could not (yet) afford the original.

The cheerfulness of the picture has always pleased me. The center of the picture for me are the eyes, which give expression to the story of the girl and give a soul to the picture. Every day I look forward to enjoying the sight of my picture anew".

Anne, lawyer, Bielefeld (Germany)


Josta Keil - a thoroughbred artist - a professional of the art of painting

I am allowed to make this assertion because I was allowed to be close to her in the creation of some of her works - once even as a model. The idea, the picture that is created in her head, the format, the identity with the person in the picture, the view into the soul, the choice of colours (oil colours), the motif with the appropriate mood - from the sketch, through the quality of the colours and canvas to the firn - there is no coincidence - every detail has its meaning, importance and full attention of it. I am not an art connoisseur, yet so impressed by her art that some of her works delight my senses every day.  Josta Keil is a professional of art, who with her ability and talent, according to the old doctrine of painting with oil paints, creates brilliant works again and again. Chapeau A.

Annette, manager, Hanover (Germany)